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Why let anyone but yourself define what true, breathtaking beauty is?

"Why let anyone but yourself define what true, breathtaking beauty is?"

12/22/10 Maxvorstadt, Munich, Germany

I will be graduating from the German aquivalent of high school early next year. Since I plan going to university, I often go out to local events students go to as well. I have been tagging every womens restroom I could, by sticking inspirational and motivational messages on the mirrors, even before I discovered this site. I use the old-fashion Dymo label designer that punches each letter individually into the black, self-adhesive band, in hopes that people will jump on the bandwaggon the more often they discover them. The labels are supposed to remind women of their childhood and their "archaic" definition of beauty. My mother found out about my little project recently. Two days ago I found 4 tape refills in four different colours. I feel so confirmed.

You are loved by many and the universe.  Love yourself.

"You are loved by many and the universe. Love yourself."

01/25/09 Rochester, Minnesota, USA

I love this project!

Don't Wait- Accept Yourself Now.

"Don't Wait- Accept Yourself Now."

12/29/08 Maumee, OH, USA

New and improved women's room. Caution, wet floor.

You are loved.

"You are loved."

12/24/08 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

This is my Christmas present to the folks at Target. I put it there 12/24/08.

You are not your eating disorder.

"You are not your eating disorder."

12/15/08 Rockville, MD

I wrote "www.rimnotes.org" on the sticker. If somebody sees it maybe they'll check out the site and find hope.

We can recover.

"We can recover."

12/15/08 Washington, DC, USA

At work in a federal building!

What hurts so much inside?

"What hurts so much inside?"

12/09/08 McLean, Virginia, USA

This is the building my therapist's in!

You are loved by many and the universe.  Love yourself.

"You are loved by many and the universe. Love yourself."

12/07/08 Falls Church, VA, USA

This store bathroom had a wild mural. The sticker fit right in!

Are you sure?

"Are you sure?"

12/09/08 Fairfax, VA

The "?" does it! All those negative voices make declarations and commands. Who asks questions?

Outside of Costco

"Recovery Happens. Start now?"

11/23/08 Fairfax, VA

Costco wholesale store. Women's room is behind that wall. Now new and improved!

*Wondering about the "?" in "Start now?" Does it work as an offering? I didn't want to be too directive (Start Now!) or like I have all the answers. But does it seem too wimpy or timid? What do you think?

Toilet (with note)

"Don't wait- accept yourself now."

11/22/08 Washington, DC

The National Museum of Women in the Arts! To all those aspiring women-artists. In the women's room by the Mary Cassats and Cindy Shermans...

Toilet (with note)

"What are your true passions?"

11/22/08 Washington, DC

This is in the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Rim Notes in an esteemed art institution! Beautiful tiling in the bathroom.

Posted by Gdawg.

Toilet (with note)

"Treasure your voice, an instrument of change"

11/19/08 Fairfax, VA

Fine Arts Building, George Mason University. This one's for all my wildly creative mates at school. The power of their artistic voices is staggering. Just think if we harnessed all the energy spent self-doubting and damaging. We can, of course, just wait...

Toilet (with note)

"You are a Treasure"

11/18/08 McLean, VA

First I wrote "You are beautiful" but I realized that beauty is too often superficial. I thought of being worthy of love, being treasured. In hindsight being a treasure feels too much like being something, even to be posessed. My latest version is "You are strong." Now that's something to celebrate, and doesn't get told to women enough. We are strong!

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