Rim Notes Recovery


Rim Notes Recovery is a take-back-the-toilet style project. Messages of hope and healing, and empowering queries are posted on the rims of toilets on campus, at work, and at home. The message is hidden from view until someone lifts the seat. Thus the messages are aimed at a particular moment, usually solitary and isolating, when an individual goes to purge.


Toilets (with notes)



Rim Notes messages balance compassion and empathy with the knowledge that recovery is possible. The messages try to evoke our passions, interests, and strengths rather than focus on eating disorders and purging, the behavior, or on food and weight, the symptoms. There are many messages on the Do It Ourselves page, ready for printing and stickering.


Women are encouraged to print stickers and post Rim Notes in bathrooms. Photograph the stickers on location and post these locations to the map. Men may also participate. Think about locations such as the gym where there are separate urinals, so the note is specifically for men who might be purging in the stalls.

This project seeks to utilize the web to provide for participation anonymity where desired, and to disseminate the materials and ideas within and as part of an growing online recovery community.

Eating Disorders

If you have an eating disorder or are concerned about someone you know, please visit the Eating Disorders page. There are great resources available including chats, video discussions, books, and treatment centers. Sometimes a step to recovery is to get involved in education and outreach- you can print some stickers and reclaim those rims!


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