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Eating Disorders

Dieting, purging and other disordered relationships with food and our bodies has become increasingly the norm. Studies indicate that up to 25% of college-aged women engage in purging as a weight-management technique. An increasing number of men are also affected.*

These normalized eating disorders are robbing the world of the voice and creative energies of many among us. To maintain an eating disorder takes tremendous psychic and physical energy, taking a toll that may end in death. Eating disorders function by divide-and-conquer, where each person is treated as a case of individual pathology, where each may feel a guilt and shame that keeps them silenced.

If you have an eating disorder or are concerned about someone you know, please browse the links. There are great resources available including chats, video discussions, books, and treatment centers. Sometimes a step to recovery is to get involved in education and outreach- you can print some stickers and reclaim those rims!

*Data source: Renfrew Center Foundation for Eating Disorders, "Eating Disorders 101 Guide: A Summary of Issues, Statistics and Resources," published September 2002, revised October 2003, http://www.renfrew.org.)


This is not a comprehensive list of resources, rather, an annotated selection of favorite positive, recovery oriented sites on the web. There are many, many more (thankfully!!).


One of the best sort of umbrellas for recovery on the web is somethingfishy.org. Something Fishy's web discussion forums are well moderated, but can be a little daunting to "guppies." The site has good Q & A's, some data, and a beautiful in memoriam page.

Body Empowerment Videos on YouTube

Caroline is a strong, vibrant voice of recovery. She is brilliant, funny, honest, sincere, caring, and her energy is infectious through her videos. She has a wonderful curiosity and appreciation for the complexities that eating disorders and recovery entail. Her channel name is cavernchick.

The Renfrew Center

The Renfrew Center Foundation is dedicated to education, prevention, research, and treatment of eating disorders. They also have a sticker campaign to promote healthy body image. They recommend slapping the "This promotes eating disorders!" and "This promotes healthy body image!" stickers on advertisements and mailing them back to the editors. Aren't stickers great? Their resources page is excellent, including Gurze Books and their own publications. If you need to seek inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment for your eating disorder, Renfrew has treatment centers in several cities.

We Bite Back

This is a post-pro-anorexia website. Check out their pro-recovery Post-its. It is more evidence of that power to change the script and reframe our discussions within a positive, recovery oriented, self-and each other-supporting framework.